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  • Wart

    If I had been told months ago I would read reports of an anthropomorphic pig assassin, I would not

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  • Turtleback

    The anthropomorphic reptile, Turtleback, is a reminder of some of the darkest days of Atlantean history. Decades after we

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  • Kril’iock

    Kril’iock was a unique result of magical experimentation during a dark time in Atlantean history. Unlike his colleague, Turtleback,

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Night Crawler

Night Crawler

The general of Chaos’ armies is said to be an imposing bat-like gargantuan with massive wings and four glowing red eyes. It’s difficult to say if this Night Crawler, as the knights have taken to calling him, is the overall leader of Chaos, or simply another high-ranking officer among their countless hordes. The forces of Chaos do not appear to have any sort of military hierarchy and our scouts and spies have been unable to find any individual or group that Night Crawler reports to. What’s more, the beast does not command from behind the frontlines, but instead joins the melee, tearing his foes limb from limb and instilling terror within any soldiers in his vicinity. He led the campaigns across the eastern continents and has recently come to lead the Chaos assault on Atlantis. The beachhead already secured before his arrival, he wasted no time personally seeing to the destruction of the nearby fishing villages and overseeing construction of new citadels in their place. Although survivors of these sorts of attacks are seldom, I can’t but wonder if the citadels are meant to demoralize what is left of humanity, ensuring their homes are now demonic strongholds regardless of the strategic value of their location.