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Vashara, the Mistress of Flame

Atlantis, as a society, has an unhealthy obsession with dragons. There is never less than two novels depicting the creatures on the bestseller list and too many historians and scientists have wasted years of their lives attempting to find proof of their existence. They needed to but wait, it would seem, as the continent to the southwest has seen firsthand dragons are not only real, but as deadly as the stories have told. Our scouts have reported seeing a woman, with greyish skin and burning eyes. She is seen most often away from the battles, encountered by refugees lucky enough to escape the destruction of their village. Their luck runs out, however, as wrapped around this pale woman is a fire wyrm, a wingless dragon with breath as searing hot as the mightiest forge. The woman has never been seen without the wyrm, so I am unsure if the two can even be separated. We have lost more scouts to Vashara and her pet than any of Chaos’ other lieutenants. Alarming still, we have reports she was on one of the first ships to make landfall on Atlantis. With her mastery of fire magic and the wyrm’s equally deadly breath, I fear our outposts will be unable to withstand the heat for long.